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Peppy Le Pew

I have a bichon named Peppy. He is 5 years old. He has been such a joy and comfort to me for 3 years. We got Peppy when he was 2yrs old. I’d prayed about getting a dog and I had a friend who’d had a bichon I had seen once 6 years earlier. I knew that was the breed for me but I also knew I couldn’t afford to buy one.

We checked Craig’s List often. One day to our surprise, a college student had a 2yr old male Bichon to give away to the right person. She was very particular and had turned away numerous people before me.The college student had to go to a dorm and they did not allow dogs.

I drove to South Austin to see if I would pass muster and be allowed to take care of Peppy. He was shy and liked to stay in corners, but he had deep brown loving eyes. I spoke with Amanda at length about Peppy and his history. He had come to her from a disabled lady who had 5 bichons. She was in a wheelchair and loved them all but couldn’t take care of them. 

Peppy came away from his corner and sat beside me on the couch. He let me pet him. He won my heart. Amanda could see the immediate bond between us. She gathered his bed, leash, food, brush and other belongings. With tears in her eyes she gave them to me. 

I took Peppy away from the only home he’d ever really known, with his owner crying and rain pouring down. Peppy was 2 yrs old and I was in love with him.

Off to the Vet we went. We got all his shots, and had him neutered. (he really didn’t understand the need for that!). Later we even bought another Bichon, Oso Blanco to keep Peppy company. They get along famously. Running together and tussling to no end. Oso is 2yrs old now, the same age Peppy was when we were blessed with him.

He has been my constant companion through a lot of surgeries and complications. His love is constant. His demands are few. I’ve considered him a Blessing from God.

Peppy was in a fight with a much larger dog yesterday

He is in surgery now. I know he will be alright. He has to be.


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How do you handle criticism?

I don’t know about you, but I hate feeling that I’ve tried my best but it wasn’t what was wanted or needed. That hurts! 

I’ve come to realize that I’ve got to become more humble and a “learner” if I want to grow. I cannot keep doing things the way I think they should be done and get angry when others are not appreciative.

God give grace to the humble, so I am putting myself into the stream of God’s grace when I become humble and a learner. I don’t have all the answers. Really. 

Dear God,

Help me to be a learner. Help me to not always have the need to be right. Help me to care more about others than I do about my defence.

I need much more of your grace. Please continue your life lessons for they are the only way to real life.

I love you,


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Guadeloupe River

Guadeloupe River

Life on the River at our new home (for a short while). We get to live here and manage the Guest House while our friends move to Arkansas. After it sells, we will move again. Seems like I keep moving, but at the same time, I get to have some pretty cool life experiences!

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